Rhema Singapore is having an Open House!!!

And - YOU! are cordially invited to be part of our Open House happening from the 17th-21st April. It's a great opportunity to not only sit in but to also taste and experience what it is like to be part of an actual class at Rhema.

This course, The Gifts of the Spirit, will be taught by Rhema's directors, Revs Jeff and Cindy Weber. They are experienced instructors who have worked with many students, teaching and training them how to operate in the gifts of the Spirit.

You will receive not only teachings, but also practical steps of how to apply all the knowledge that you'll gain from this course. It will allow you to step out confidently in your personal life and circumstances.

Come! Experience the Holy Spirit moving through you with His gifts. Take this opportunity to allow yourself to grow deeper in God, and in understanding how the different gifts of the Spirit can benefit us and others.

If this is your first Rhema course, you'll be able to join this course for FREE! This is an opportunity you don't want to miss. Come and see and experience all that God has made available for you.

Space is limited, so sign up early! Attendance is free of charge. For more information or to sign up, you can contact Rhema at 6382 1900, or by emailing admin@rhema.org.sg

Welcome to RHEMA Singapore!


Would you like to fulfill your destiny?

Rhema Bible Training Center Singapore will help you do just that. Our curriculum, taught by anointed instructors with a wealth of experience and knowledge, will give you a solid foundation of understanding the Word of God. You will be equipped with the tools necessary to fulfill whatever calling God has upon your life.

Rhema is not just "another Bible school." We are a unique blend of the Word, the moving of the Holy Spirit, and practical application with hands-on experience.

Have you ever thought about what God's plan for your life is?

Rhema Bible Training Center Singapore exists to help you in 3 areas:

  • To help you learn how to live a successful Christian life.
  • To discover your divine calling and purpose in life.
  • To equip you with the tools you will need to fulfill it.

You will learn key Bible doctrines; practical areas of life skills and development; how to study and know the Word; how to discern what is the leading of God, and how to work together with the Holy Spirit to live a successful Christian life and minister to others with God's anointing.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum, taught by anointed instructors with a wealth of experience, will give you a solid foundation of understanding the Word of God, so that you can cooperate with God's plan for your life.

For more information on all our classes, click here.

Student Life

Attending Rhema is nothing short of transformational for every student who enrolls. Sitting under the Word, and having classroom encounters with the Holy Spirit, gives God an opportunity to change and develop each and every student. Lifelong relationships are formed with classmates, which will continue long after you graduate.


Our program is modular!

Our program is designed to be flexible and accessible for you. We do not have a yearly intake; but instead, you start your training at Rhema anytime. You can take just a few modules, or all 40.

You will be enrolled in the diploma program, working towards a diploma in Christian education.

We offer modules weekdays from 0830-1230 Monday through Friday. Each week there will be a new course. We also have a monthly module that meets on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Whether you are called to preach and teach, called to the marketplace, or called to serve elsewhere in God's kingdom, Rhema will prepare and equip you!