"Rhema had a big impact on my life even before I became a Rhema student. I was prayed for by Pastor Kenneth Hagin in April 2011 while attending a Life in the Spirit seminar, and was healed of severe food allergies. When I attended Rhema in 2012 I was transformed by all the teachings, but especially by the classes on righteousness and healing. The teaching from Col. 2:11, that our sinful nature had been removed by Jesus, was something I'd never heard before and gave much assurance of who I truly am in Christ. I also became assured of God's will to heal all people of all sickness and disease and grew in faith.

SOM helped me realize that the preparation of the messenger is of primary importance, so that the message can be delivered through a vessel fitted for God's use. The technical aspects of preaching were placed in proper perspective. As a result, my sermons and lectures have become more Spirit-led and a greater blessing to students and church congregations.

Currently, my wife Helen and I minister together. The solid, biblical, Spirit-filled foundation I received at Rhema has enabled the Lord to grow me in His ministry and be a blessing to others. We pray for students and members at churches with confident expectation and have seen immediate healing of illness. We have seen the joy of the Lord replacing sadness as people are ministered to by the Holy Spirit, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit falling on all 37 students in class who requested it."

-Mervin Walton, 2013 graduate

"In March 2011, I went on a mission trip to the Philippines with Revs Jeff and Cindy Weber. It was indeed an amazing time of seeing God work as we simply stepped out in faith and obeyed.

The people we ministered to had such a simplicity of heart and openness that they were able to receive freely from the Lord, and God moved mightily in their midst. Even though they did not have much they were so hungry for the Word. We even saw the mayor of a town accept Christ simply from hearing us singing and leading the children in songs on the street where we were witnessing. The harvest is indeed ready for us but the laborers are few.

One of the highlights of this trip for me was I witnessed personally for the first time, blind eyes opened as we shared the good news of the gospel and prayed in the name of Jesus. Another aspect of the trip was seeing the importance of team work as are all called to different roles. When we see the hand of God at work, we truly know that it is not us but the Lord as He has gifted each of us differently and all could contribute their part. If we are willing, the Lord can use us in any dimension. It doesn't matter who we are or what we are capable of."

-Linda Chua, 2009 graduate

"I had the privilege of studying at Rhema Bible Training Center Singapore from 2007 to 2008. Now, I am pastoring Word of Life Family Centre. We minister to Myanmar-speaking Christians living and working in Singapore. Through Rhema, I realized my identity in Christ and my authority as a believer. Now, I am able to impact others with the same message so that they too can be firmly established in Christ to rise up and take their inheritance in Christ."

-Marip La Aung, 2008 graduate