About Us

Rhema Bible Training Center Singapore was founded in 2001.  Our graduates can be found in every walk of life, ministering to people. 

We believe that every Christian has a calling to serve in the kingdom of God, and needs to be trained and equipped to fulfill that calling.  Our curriculum is designed to be spiritually transforming as well as practical in application, equipping you for whatever it is the Lord wants you to do.

Our students learn both the Word of God, as well as how to move in the Spirit with God’s anointing.  As a student of RBTCS, you will discover what your gifts and calling are, how to live a successful Christian life, and how to practically serve God.  You will join with over 40,000 other Rhema graduates worldwide who have attended one of our nearly 200 campuses around the world, and had a life-changing experience at Rhema!